Japanese midwifery and chilbirth seminar in Princeton

Ursula Miguel to speak at childbirth seminar for Japanese couples in Princeton, NJ


Ursula Miguel, one of our certified nurse midwives will be speaking at an upcoming seminar for Japanese couples at The Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton. The seminar which was organized by Yuki Seidler, a Japanese Public Health Researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton and a lecturer at the University of Vienna in Austria, will address the midwifery and childbirth needs of Japanese women in the US. Besides Ursula Miguel and Yuki Seidler, the panel will include other midwives and doulas in the Princeton area, as well as translation services and discuss the resources available to Japanese couples here in New Jersey and beyond. 

Here is the announcement:

“What is midwife? What is doula?”

Invitation to a talk on midwifery, midwives and doulas and other topics related to birth/child rearing in the US for Japanese families in Princeton area

  • Date: May 16th 2015, Saturday
  • Time: 3 pm to 5 pm (informal tea and registration starts at 2:30 pm so please come early!)
  •  Where: Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) Members’ Housing Activity Room
  • GPS for the car park372 South Olden Ln, Princeton 08540, NJ then please follow the signs as indicated (actual venue’s address is 85 Morse Ln Princeton 08540, NJ)
  • Language: Japanese and English (with both direction translation support provided)
  • Aim: To introduce midwifery and other birth related support services available in Princeton area targeting especially Japanese families. 2) To provide other related information around birth and birth/childrearing in the US.
  • Organized by: Private initiative of Yuki Seidler (Japanese Public Health Researcher in Princeton)
  • Whomever is interested in this topic is welcome to come! For questions please write or call (Japanese or English): yuki.seidler@gmail.com (M) 609 356 3000


·         日時:2015年5月16日(土)、午後3時~5時


·         場所:プリンストン高等研究所(IAS)居住区内Activity Room

駐車場GPS372 South Olden Ln, Princeton 08540, NJです。そこから徒歩3分、矢印に従って会場までお越し下さい。会場自体のGPSアドレスは85 Morse Lnです。

·         言語:日本語と英語(必要に応じて通訳いたします)

·         目的:米国、とくにプリンストンにおける助産師サービスについて知って頂くこと。その他、母乳・添い寝など育児に関する情報の提供。

·         開催者:サイドラー幸(ゆき)(ウィーン大学講師:公衆衛生専門)

·         参加にご興味のある方は: yuki.seidler@gmail.com (M) 609 356 3000までご連絡下さい。当日そのままいらしても結構です。


This event is a private initiative of Yuki Seidler and is not related to the organizations where the guest speakers or the volunteer supporters come from. The event’s main purpose is information sharing and purely non-profit and aims to fill certain information and knowledge gap among the Japanese families living in and around Princeton.